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Name:   Our Team

Description:   Bios

Section Name:   Our Team

Name:   Alisa Duclos-Robinson, PhD

Title:   Psychologist & Clinical Director

Description:   Alisa has over fifteen years experience in the field of psychology. She has specialized experience with the treatment of PTSD, complex trauma, dissociative disorders and substance abuse treatment. She also conducts neuropsychological assessments and psychological testing. Licensing PhD in Psychology from the University of Southern California

Name:   Hannah Nyznyk

Title:   Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

Description:   Knowing when things have become too difficult and being able to ask for help when you need it are the first steps toward overcoming any obstacle life puts in your way. I am committed to honoring each patient’s unique journey and supporting them in discovering their authentic life. I am passionate about working with a wide range of individuals including children, young adults, adults, geriatric population, couples, and families. I utilize mindfulness to promote focus, acceptance, and awareness of wherever you may be in your healing journey. My goal is to provide a personal, non-judgmental, and multi-dimensional approach to assist you with identifying your strengths and challenges, becoming more self-aware, and ultimately empowering you to live a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

Name:   Adam Thomas

Title:   PSYD Practicum

Description:   I am blessed and so very thankful to be completing my doctoral diagnostic practicum as part of the exceptional clinical team at ADR Wellness. My role is primarily to provide detailed psychological assessments for our clients to focus the diagnostic process and aid in providing the most personalized and compassionate level of care available. My goal is to use the most current scientifically-validated psychological tests to understand the unique needs of our clients and help facilitate the best possible outcomes. I am dedicated to providing a professional yet empathetic environment where each client feels that their concerns are heard and their individual needs are met with care. Psychological testing is an important step on the path to wellness, and I pride myself in being able to provide a positive and precise testing experience.

Name:   Jade Arbelo, MA, AMFT

Title:   Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

Description:   In therapy we are given space to examine where we are, where we would like to be, and to begin creating a road map for how to get to there. I have a passion for joining others in their journey to making positive change, achieving balance and living authentically. I partner with individuals, couples, and families to establish new ways of coping with life transitions and living with intention. I've worked extensively, diagnosing and treating individuals experiencing addiction, anxiety, depression, complicated grief, trauma & PTSD. I see couples seeking to learn new ways of communicating and reestablishing passionate connection. I also treat military members & their families to address unique, multidimensional challenges of military life. Feeling safe and encouraged to heal at your own pace is critical to the therapeutic relationship. If you need extensive and long-term work, or a brief re-set, we will work together on your journey to your best life.

Name:   Lucy Zhang

Title:   Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

Description:   "If we really want to live a joyful, connected, and meaningful life, we must talk about things that get in the way.” -Brene Brown There are times in our lives where we feel disconnected with ourselves, others, and the world, and instead of living with compassion, clarity, and calmness, we are stuck feeling overwhelmed, alone, hopeless, and angry. It's hard to do this alone. I am passionate about helping you navigate this journey of self-discovery towards growth and healing. Together, we can work on how to return to your authentic self. This means learning how to connect wholeheartedly, feel confident, and live purposefully. I understand that therapy is a big, and also scary, commitment. I provide a nurturing and collaborative environment in which you feel safe and seen. I specialize in the treatment of anxiety and trauma, and I utilize an eclectic approach including EMDR, DBT, IFS, self-compassion, and mindfulness. I look forward to working with you.

Name:   Guli Suliman

Title:   Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Description:   Twenty years ago my dream was to work with people in a way that would enhance their lives. Today I can say that my dream has come true. I offer a compassionate perspective and a safe therapeutic environment. If a significant relationship in your life is suffering or in state of crisis. If you are tired of feeling anxious, stressed, angry, or depressed. If you have a tendency to rely on unhealthy coping strategies. If any of these circumstances are having a negative impact on your home life, employment, or sense of self, give me a call. I welcome the opportunity for us to collaborate and help you achieve a resolution. My goal is to create a safe, warm, and collaborative therapeutic environment, in which YOU are free to explore YOUR personal identity, experiences, relationships, and perspectives on life. My integrative approach to therapy offers my clients help from solution-focused methods, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. In my personal life, I spend most of my time with my loving husband and our adorable dogs. I enjoy cooking, spending time in my backyard, gardening and listening to music. I look forward to speaking with you and helping you start your journey of healing. Specialties • Relationship Issues • Trauma and PTSD • Emotional Disturbance Issues • Addiction • Anxiety • Borderline Personality • Codependency • Coping Skills • Depression • Domestic Violence • Family Conflict • Grief • Life Transitions • Marital and Premarital • Peer Relationships • Self Esteem • Stress

Name:   Sean Sprigle

Title:   Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

Description:   I have been practicing psychotherapy for several years, and have gained significant experience and various trainings that combined with my own personal experiences have created the approach that I use with clients currently. My personal background and specialties include dual diagnosis, substance abuse, dysfunctional family dynamics, LGBT, trauma (including complex trauma) and PTSD. I know from personal experience the struggles and isolating difficulties that dealing with mental and emotional suffering creates. I have personal experience, professional training, and quality experience in helping people grow through and beyond these issues into freedom and happiness, and I hope to be able to help you get to a place of peace and serenity.

Name:   Megan Herzing

Title:   Associate Professional Clinical Counselor

Description:   Each of us takes a unique journey through the world, and often that path takes us in directions that can be incredibly painful. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming trying to navigate our way to a life that feels healthy and whole. We get the opportunity in therapy to process past and present traumas that may be holding us back. Together we will utilize a variety of clinical approaches that are tailored to your individual needs. I have seen that it is possible to heal the effects of trauma and I am committed to partnering with you in working towards the healing you hope for. Specializing in EMDR, a research based method proven highly effective in managing the effects of trauma, memories can be targeted to help you move towards your goals, wherever you are in your healing journey. I have worked extensively with issues including anxiety, depression, bipolar, chronic pain, addiction, PTSD, borderline personality and schizophrenia. No matter what you are going through, I promise to be a compassionate and accepting listener, who encourages you to heal at your own pace. My goal is to empower you along your journey, and create a safe and supportive environment that respects your healing process in mind, body, and spirit.

Name:   Alice Sherbow

Title:   Licensed Marriage Therapist

Description:   Has COVID -19 brought your mental health & well- being to a tipping point? Let’s tip it in a positive direction. I am here to help you find your inner resources to create hopeful, balanced & sustainable mental health to keep you safe now & into the future. In person & Tele-health platforms are offered. I work with adolescents, adults, family & corporate systems. I have over 20 years of combined practice as a clinical counselor and as a marriage & family therapist. My style is down to earth, non-judgemental, compassionate with a blend of intellect & humor (when appropriate). I view treatment as a collaborative & customized effort between myself & you. I use various modalities to help people heal, including CBT, positive psychology, solution focused & other effective mindful approaches to reduce/eliminate symptoms as they present in your daily “here & now”. I am certified in EMDR (a specialized intervention for trauma). I use a psychodynamic & depth psychology skill set to get to the underlying causes of symptoms. You are welcome to a no-cost 15 minute telephone conversation to ask questions & get a sample of my style of therapy. Call me @ ADR Wellness (760) 760-453-7175 or on my google voice # (424) 229-1120 Customized group therapy topics & formats are also available

Name:   Zsu Zsu

Title:   Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Description:   Do you feel as though life threw debilitating obstacles in your way and you lost your compass moving forward? Or, are you ready to give up, under too much stress, work/life pressure? Do you think you are not living up to your potential? I believe that I am that neutral and empathetic person who offers a different perspective, a path finding new possibilities. I will listen, providing space for you to grow, find healing and empowerment. Collectively, we can build ways that will change your life. There are new ways you can learn about yourself, find potential for growth and possibilities to move forward. I am ready to work with you through challenges, seeking a path to happiness. I am here to assist you with making sense of the past, taking control of the present and forging a great future. Don’t feel lost in your life. Together we will be setting goals and meeting them. You will achieve the best vision of yourself. Your potential is within you and together we can find it. I have been practicing psychotherapy with adults for several years and I am ready to help untangle the stumbling blocks, explore a path to joy and freedom. My specialties include working with depression, anxiety, all types of trauma, substance abuse, cultural diversity and handling life's transitions. I am trained and I work in the following modalities: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Brief Solution Focused Therapy and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR.)

Name:   Jodi Bobele

Title:   Director of Office Operations

Description:   People pursue counseling and therapy for a variety of reasons. My goal is to ensure a professional therapeutic environment and to streamline the scheduling process. Please do not hesitate to contact the office regarding services, insurance and/ or private pay options.

Name:   Our Services

Description:   Products and Services

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