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Heating Systems and Heating Elements Offered by Birk Manufacturing Birk Manufacturing specializes in the manufacturing of innovative heating systems. We can provide the following systems in standard and custom specifications: • Heaters: The heaters are designed to offer even heat distribution in various applications. The heaters can be availed in custom shapes, multiple circuits, buildups, and shaded watt densities. Currently, Birk designs and delivers the following types of heating solutions: o Flexible Heaters o Kapton® Heating Solutions o Silicone Rubber Heating Systems o Mica Insulated Heating Elements and Systems o Butyl Rubber Heating Solutions o Standard Heaters • RAPT°R Heated Tubes: These include rigid tube heaters and pliable tube heaters, which can be easily customized to suit application requirements. Birk’s RAPT°R Heated Tubes help ensure that the gases or fluids, which are transported will remain at the same temperature or an elevated despite the thermal variations. • Temperature Sensors: Temperature is a critical processing factor in various industries. Hence, accurate measurement of the sensor is important. Birk manufactures and supplies various types of temperature sensors. These include the following: o Bare Elements o Surface Mount Sensors: Kapton®& Silicone o Bolt-on Temperature Sensors o Temperature Probes o Customized Sensor Solutions Service Offerings at Birk Manufacturing Birk Manufacturing provides the superior services such as the following: • Wire Harness: They can deliver assemblies with super-thin heaters, or no heaters. The non-heater designs comprise wiring harnesses, heat sinks, temperature sensor assemblies, and control assemblies. • Circuit Design: The Company designs and manufactures hundreds of thousand etched foil circuits every year. The following are a few highlights of its circuit design expertise: o Shaded Watt Density o Accommodate Holes and Cutouts o Dual Voltage Circuits o Sensors and Fuses within a Circuit o Flexible Circuits with Sensors o Various Terminations Industries Served Birk heater assemblies and heating elements are used in the following industries: • Medical Industry: The temperature maintenance is one of the important requirements in the medical industry. The thermal systems for medical industry are designed to keep devices and samples in precise temperature specifications. Birk heaters are used in medical applications, such as blood analyzers, hemostasis management, small catheter and insertion heater assemblies, surgical tool assemblies, and incubation devices. • Semiconductor Industry: This industry is entirely dependent on precision designed thermal heating solutions. Birk Manufacturing specializes in the thermal systems for semiconductor industry. These heating systems help ensure even heat distribution, excellent heat transfer to the heat sink, very low out-gassing, and integrated sensors and flex circuits. Birk’s heating systems are employed for semiconductor applications such as burn-in, wafer fabrication, and value temperature regulation. • Defense Industry: Being an ITAR regulated company, Birk designs and delivers the highest quality flexible heaters to its clients in the defense industry. The thermal systems for the defense industry are designed to provide even heat distribution, low-outgassing, and can be operated at temperatures up to -40 °C. These systems are utilized in the military and defense application like acquisition systems, vehicle and vessel lighting, and heated air handlers. • Aerospace Industry: Over the years, the company has delivered unique heating systems for critical aerospace applications, such as satellites, space vehicles, guided missile systems, propulsion units, etc. The heating systems are also used for stabilizing systems in fluid delivery and control systems, fuel tanks and pipes, as well as battery heaters. • Commercial and Industrial Solutions: The company provides customized thermal solutions for complex commercial and industrial thermal applications, such as electronic enclosures, battery warming devices, freeze protection, food service equipment, packaging lines, and process temperature management. • Transportation Industry: The thermal systems for the transportation industry are designed to operate in ambient and fluctuating temperatures. These heating systems are used in applications such as heated thresholds for rail and transit systems, vehicle and vessel lighting, and fuel cell heaters. • Security Industry: These systems are used for the chemical detection at airports, as well as sporting arenas. These systems can be easily retrofitted to any machine, or integrated with hand-held devices depending on their application requirements. Certifications • ISO 9001:2015 • ITAR, CSA, and UL Certified • ISO 13485:2016 • AS 9001:2015D


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