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Our commitment to quality service originated in 1925 when our firm was founded on a simple mantra: Take care of clients. Today, our approach is based on a well-respected history of providing sound, insightful, tax accounting and business consulting services to clients ranging in size from startup companies to multi-million dollar organizations. Because of our low staff turnover, many of our team members have been a part of JAK for decades, giving our clients the stability and perspective they need.


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Name:   JAK's Staff

Description:   Bios

Name:   Andrew Knutson

Title:   Partner

Description:   Andy is a fourth-generation CPA. He wasn’t pressured to be an accountant, so he’s pretty sure it’s just part of his genetic code. When he did choose this path, there was only one firm Andy wanted to work for: he joined JAK in 2003 right out of college. (Full disclosure: he had worked here part-time and seasonally since 1997, so he knew what he was getting into.) As a partner at JAK, Andy gets to help clients within several industries solve problems and seize opportunities. From helping a contractor revamp an inefficient accounting system to assisting a retailer to outline a succession plan, no two days are alike. He’s honored to be the first person a client calls when he or she needs help—even if they simply need a sounding board for their ideas. At home, Andy stays busy by keeping up with his two kids, serving as treasurer of his church, and following Minnesota sports teams. He likes to catch a movie and hack up a golf course every now and then, too. Andy would love to help you with whatever situation you’re facing. Get in touch with him anytime at 651-379-5724 or

Education:   Bachelor of Science in Business/Accounting,University of Minnesota, 2003

Certifications:   Certified Public Accountant (CPA), 2006,Member of American Institute of CertifiedPublic Accountants (AICPA),Member of Minnesota Society of CertifiedPublic Accountants (MNCPA)

Services:   Construction,Retail,Manufacturing,Retirement Plans,Hotels,Real Estate Professionals,Corporate Tax,Individual Tax

Name:   Jason Loven

Title:   Partner

Description:   Ever since he started his career at JAK in 1995, Jason’s been continually inspired by the opportunity to do good work for his clients. His day is made when he’s able to help a business improve their financial statements, obtain financing, or save tax dollars. These types of accomplishments may not be flashy, but Jason knows they can make a big difference for his clients.As a natural communicator, Jason lives for helping business owners get a better grasp on the financial side of things. He has a strong background in construction accounting, so walking clients through things like job costing and overhead costs is a big part of his practice. Understanding the finances is a key to running a successful business. And Jason finds it incredibly rewarding to see what happens when a business owner has the information he or she needs.At this point in his career, Jason is really excited about what the future holds for JAK, and for our clients. He loves to work hard, and also have a lot of fun – which contributes to the great energy at JAK. When he’s not at the office, Jason enjoys getting up north. His cabin agenda usually includes hunting, fishing, boating, snowmobiling and golfing (depending on the season, of course). If he’s not at home, you’ll find him at one of his kids’ activities or volunteering time elsewhere.Jason would love the opportunity to help you get clarity around your finances. Call or email him anytime: 651-379-5721 or

Education:   Bachelor of Science in Accounting, St. CloudState University, 1992,Associate of Arts, Mesabi CommunityCollege, 1987

Certifications:   Certified Construction Industry FinancialProfessional (CCIFP), 2012,Certified Public Accountant (CPA), 1997,Member of American Institute of CertifiedPublic Accountants (AICPA),Member of Minnesota Society of CertifiedPublic Accountants (MNCPA),Minnesota Society of Certified PublicAccountants (MNCPA) ConstructionConference Committee Member,Home Owners Association Board Member,Member, Construction FinancialManagement Association (CFMA)

Services:   Small Business Tax and Consulting,Attestation Services - SpecificallyConstruction Accounting Expertise,Individual Income Tax

Name:   Brian L. Knutson

Title:   Managing Partner

Description:   You might say “family” has been the theme of Brian Knutson’s accounting career. Brian came to JAK through a family connection after graduating from college in 1977, and became managing partner in 2004. One of the things he cherishes most about his role within the firm is the opportunity to mentor staff. He finds it immensely fulfilling to see young staff members flourish—as managers, directors and partners—within the JAK family.To Brian, making clients feel like part of the family is equally important. He provides both financial and tax accounting services across multiple industries, and regularly advises his clients on business sales and acquisitions. Many days, he can be found guiding clients through difficult and often personal situations, such as transitioning a business or planning an estate. Regardless of the matter at hand, he’s there for his clients—no matter what. With four young grandkids, Brian’s family life beyond JAK is quite vibrant. He’s found it especially fun to introduce the little ones to lake life up at the cabin. When he’s not up north hunting, fishing or collecting agates, Brian can usually be found volunteering at his church, or reading a good sci-fi book.Remember, our JAK family is here to help yours. You can reach Brian at 612-379-5702, or via email at

Education:   Master of Business Taxation (MBT),University of Minnesota, 1984,Bachelor of Science in Business/Accounting-High Distinction, University of Minnesota,1977

Certifications:   Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA), 1995,Certified Public Accountant (CPA), 1979,Member of American Institute of CertifiedPublic Accountants (AICPA),Member of Minnesota Society of CertifiedPublic Accountants (MNCPA),Member of National Association of CertifiedValuation Analysts (NACVA)

Services:   Construction,Real Estate,Wholesale,Retail,Estate Planning,Succession Planning,General Business and Tax Planning,Business Valuations for Mergers andAcquisitions,Stockholder Agreements

Name:   John T. Ammann

Title:   Partner

Description:   John was hired at JAK after earning a master’s degree in accounting in 1999. His history with the firm, however, dates back much further: JAK’s office is the former site of his childhood tree fort. His parents’ house is only two blocks away—and it’s where he was taught the work ethic that continues to drive his practice to this day. As a partner, John helps his clients adopt and implement new tax rules, and assists them in solving various accounting and tax issues. Regardless of the task at hand, he simply enjoys being a member of his client’s team. For John, being responsive to his clients’ needs isn’t an option; it’s the only option. He can go home happy when his advice has helped a client meet his or her financial goals. Family absolutely comes first in John’s world. He can often be found practicing Tae Kwon Do with his wife and son, or planning the family’s next overseas trip. John and his wife also enjoy watching—and sometimes coaching—their son as he plays soccer.John is here to help you sort out any financial conundrum you may be facing. Connect with him at 651-379-5733 or at

Education:   Master of Business Taxation (MBT),University of Minnesota, 2009,Master of Professional Accountancy (MPAc),Montana State University - Bozeman, 1999,Bachelor of Science in Accounting, MontanaState University, 1998

Certifications:   Certified Public Accountant (CPA), 2000,Member of Minnesota Society of Certified Public Accountants (MNCPA),Member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA),Member of the Midway Chamber of Commerce,Member of the Minneapolis Certified Public Accountant Tax Roundtable

Services:   Real Estate,Construction,Retail,Manufacturing,Corporate and Partnership Tax

Name:   Products and Services

Description:   Products and Services

Name:   Audit and Assurance


Name:   Estate and Trust


Name:   Individual Tax


Name:   Business Tax


Name:   Accounting


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Name:   Technology Solutions


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