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VANGUARD ENVIRONMENTAL, INC. manages regulatory compliance for more companies than any other organization, public or private, in North America. Vanguard serves a diverse clientele throughout Industry – manufacturers and non-manufacturers alike – through its “Mission Control” style of Turn-Key compliance. Thus, the client remains focused on his core business priorities, turning compliance lemons into economic lemonade. Combining the compliance expertise and know-how of engineering, environmental science, OSHA education, and regulatory professionals, Vanguard brings state-of-the-art proprietary technologies to the client’s table for the purpose of site-specific, precision due diligence to conquer over 60 environmental, health, safety (EHS) laws imposed upon Industry by the Federal government, along with numerous variations on the regulatory theme stemming from state, county, and local jurisdictions. No wonder the term “regulatory maze” sounds so appropriate! Vanguard is about EMPOWERMENT, ECONOMICS, & PRECISION DUE DILIGENCE…in behalf of the client! Vanguard clients enjoy the empowerment that only advanced technologies, backed up by a team of compliance specialists, can provide. Vanguard brings peach of mind. With the exposure to EHS enforcement penalties most companies now face, Sr. Mgt. can no longer place just one person in charge of the magnitude of compliance mandates and assume all compliance has been satisfied, deadlines met, and their company has been safeguarded. Whether a company’s compliance officer is charged with internal compliance as his only assignment, or he’s wearing many hats, virtually every company in North America needs Vanguard’s Regulatory Management Systems (RMS) .


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Name:   Bios

Description:   Bios

Name:   Mark Frazier

Title:   Chief Operating Officer

Description:   Mark Frazier graduated with a B.A. degree in Business Administration and a Minor in Education from Oklahoma State University & Langston University (Tulsa). Mark received an athletic scholarship in football playing center for the Oklahoma State Cowboys. After his athletic career, Mark started his career in sales with the following Corporations: U.S. Tobacco, Nabisco, & Liggett Group. At Liggett, Mark served in several positions in the Corporate Office such as Training & Development Manager, Key Accounts Manager and Division Manager for Oklahoma & Kansas. Mark joined Vanguard in 2005 and serves as the Regional Manager for the Western US and was promoted to Chief Operating Officer for Vanguard in 2008.

Name:   Carlos Carrera

Title:   Enviromental Manager

Description:   Carlos Carrera holds an Associates degree in Liberal Arts from Tulsa Community College with a specialized focus in AutoCAD and Drafting. His technical skills, as well as, leadership skills direct Vanguard’s Environmental Science Technology Department, whose focus is primarily Sara Title III, Section 301-312 compliance. Raised in Lima, Peru, he is fluent in Spanish and also serves as Vanguard’s translator for Safety training and various Vanguard documents. Carlos is also well-versed in the subject of Hazardous Materials Business Plans (HMBP) and Hazardous Materials Inventory Statements (HMIS) for the states of CA, AZ and TX.

Name:   Ernie Barnes

Title:   Vice President of Compliance Management

Description:   Ernie Barnes holds an Associates degree in Engineering Technology, from Rose St. College in Midwest City, OK, a B.S. in Business Administration and a M.S. in Industrial Management from Northeastern State University based in Tahlequah, OK. Throughout his career, Ernie has developed and implemented EHS programs, conducted numerous site inspections, and obtained his CHMM & HAZWOPER certification. Ernie is also ISO 14001 Lead Auditor certified. He has led one major corporation as an operations manager for over 15 years prior to his employment with Vanguard.

Name:   Tim Denhof

Title:   Environmental Manager, PE

Description:   Tim Denhof holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Michigan Technological University, Houghton, Michigan. He has been in the environmental consulting field for 20 years with a broad range of experience across air, water, waste, DOT and OSHA compliance. He has experience with ISO registration as well. Tim has over 10 years of project and management experience in environmental consulting, laboratory management, and in the manufacturing sector.

Name:   Bob Breslin

Title:   Director of OSHA Education

Description:   Robert N. Breslin comes from a varied background of 23 years in the health and safety compliance field. In developing his initial credentials in the U.S. Air Force & Department of Defense, Bob utilizes his skills, expertise, and infectious personality to head up Vanguard’s OSHA compliance programs. With a rare talent of bringing “dry material to life,” Bob holds practically every designation and certification within the OSHA Compliance Field, and also serves as an instructor with Vanguard’s own “Amer. EHS Training Institute.”

Name:   Environmental & Safety Management Services

Description:   Products and Services

Name:   Toxic Chemical Release Inventory Form "R" (TRI - Section 313)


Name:   Spill Prevention Control & Countermeasure Plan (SPCC)


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